NFT based MMORPG on Solana
Think WoW but owned by Players
Era Spheres is a MMORPG created by MMO hardcore gamers, for gamers. If you miss FF11, Everquest 2, Daoc, and more generally group-based MMORPGs, this is for you.

The World Map has been turned into NFTs. Players will be able to own the land in-game by owning these NFTs and get some in-game QoL benefits. (not pay-to-win!)

Play to Win, not Pay to Win

NFT-based World Map owned by players
Own the land, own the game
The whole map of Era Spheres can be divided into sections and owned by players.

Buy an NFT-based piece of land to get in-game bonuses and earn a percentage of the money spent by players in this area.

Own several pieces of lands from the same area and get a set bonus similar to your favourite piece of equipment set in your favourite Diablo-like game!
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We are always looking for new partners who want to help us build on Solana. Please get in touch.
Florian Hermet
Founder / CEO / Game Design
Florian is the founder and CEO of Nodeseeds, a tokenized Venture Capital that invests in early blockchain projects. Era Spheres is the first project incubated by Nodeseeds.
Vincent Metallo
Graphic Design & Animations
Vincent is the founder of Skoll Studio and main Graphic and Game Designer on Koloro (released both on Steam & Consoles) and lead Developer on Last Moon. He acts as the Graphic Designer on Era Spheres.
Jake O' Connor
Lead Development
Jake is the CEO of Games Interactive and has several years of experience in MMORPG development. He is the lead developer of Era Spheres.
Sound Designer / Producer
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